HICSS 2021

HICSS 2021 Blockchain Art Simulation Workshop barts-slides-session-1-newerDownload hashing-performance-session-2Download barts-smart-contract-slides-goldDownload HICSS 2021 Comparing Soot and APKTool Injection hicss_gold_v2Download Documentation Injecting Blockchain Calls with the Soot Framework and APKTool DocumentationDownload Presentation Material presentation-hicss PDFDownload presentation-hicss PPTDownload Video Presentation Video Link

UB GenCyber Camp Material

UB Compilers Class​: Injecting Blockchain Calls with the Soot Framework Injecting Blockchain Calls with the Soot Framework and APKTool DocumentationDownloadPresentation File in PDF FormDownload Smart contract Solidity Code pragma solidity >=0.5.15; contract ApplicationContract{ string Name =""; function SetName(string memory statedata) public{ Name = statedata; } function Hello()public view returns(string memory){ return Name; } } Code … Continue reading UB GenCyber Camp Material


About Me

I am currently a computer science Ph.D. student at the University at Buffalo. My main areas of focus are cyber-security, malware analysis, blockchain concepts, application development, and computer networking. My long-term goal is to be a good teacher and researcher. You can find my Resume below: sean_sanders_resumeDownload



What is BARTS? The  Blockchain ART Simulation (BARTS)  and related experiential online exercises facilitate understanding blockchain concepts. The BARTS simulation is a non-technical simulation where participants mine or validate a digital coin transaction for buying and selling drawings (see Figure 1).  Graduate students, undergraduate students, and high school students with technical and non-technical backgrounds have … Continue reading BARTS